Taqueria Toluca

Taqueria Toluca


Taqueria Toluca was established in 1997 on the south side of Waukegan, near the corner of 10th and Lincoln. At that time there were very few Mexican restaurants in Waukegan and very few minority owned businesses. Taqueria Toluca is owned and operated by the Diaz family, who are committed to providing the best possible "home style" cooking. We pride ourselves on keeping our dishes true to our Mexican roots, by following family recipes and always using the freshest produce and meats. 

Please visit us and see what authentic Mexican dishes should taste like.


Our most popular foods are our "Mexican street food": tacos, tortas and burritos. Many people don't know we specialize in other Mexican foods that are harder to find. On Saturday and Sunday mornings you can find the freshest barbacoa, pancita and menudo. Our tender barbacoa goes really fast on the weekends, get in early to try it. We also have champurrado, which is a Mexican chocolate atole prepared with maza (sort of a hot chocolate). Take a look at our menu, or come in to see for yourself.